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Creating your web site
Creating your web site
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There are many applications you can use to help you create web pages. These vary in terms of cost, functionality and ease of use.

Programs such as EvrSoft FirstPage or Netscape Composer can be downloaded for free.

Other tools such as Microsoft Word 2002, Microsoft FrontPage 2002 or Macromedia Dreamweaver can be purchased online or your local computer store.

Naming your files

The first page of your web site (called your HOME page) must be named index.htm, index.html or default.htm in order for it to load automatically when your web site is accessed. An index.html file was automatically created when your account was set up. You will need to delete or replace this file.

Each web page on your site needs to have a unique file name. These names should not contain spaces or special characters. HTML code files must end with the extension .htm or .html. For example, your home page would be named index.htm.

Using Microsoft Word 2002 to create a web site

You can create HTML pages from existing Microsoft Word documents or using the built-in Web Page Templates.
  1. To use an existing Word document:
    1. Open the document you would like to use or create a new one
    2. Save the document in HTML format using the "Save As" option from the "File" menu and choosing Web Page as the type

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  2. To use one of the built-in Web Page Templates:
    1. Open Microsoft Word
    2. Choose New
    3. Click the Web Pages tab on the Templates window
    4. Highlight the web page format you would like use by clicking on it. Selecting the Web Page Wizard will step you through a series of questions to help set up your site.
    5. Click OK. Word will then create one or more files with areas for you to enter your own information. Insert new text, images and/or hyperlinks as you like. When you have finished, save the file and your page is complete.

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Using Microsoft FrontPage 2002 to create a web page
  1. Open Microsoft FrontPage.

  2. From the File menu, choose New and then Page or Web.

  3. From the choices in the right column, click on Web Site Templates. A window will open with the choices of templates. Highlight the one you would like by clicking on it and then click OK.

  4. Modify the page(s) as needed. Save the file(s).

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You can also find useful information on the Microsoft FrontPage support page. This is found at

Using Macromedia Dreamweaver to create a web page

Macromedia Dreamweaver has become a very popular product. Macromedia has done an excellent job of providing online support information. Their Dreamweaver support page is located at This page contains information ranging from tutorials to basic support information. There is also a link to an online support forum where you can post your questions for other Dreamweaver users.

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