Creating web pages using Microsoft Word Web Page Templates

  1. Open Microsoft Word

  2. From the File menu, choose New to show the choices for new files:

  3. Choose the General Templates option by clicking on it. All available templates will be shown in a new window.

  4. Click on the Web Pages tab to show all web page templates:

  5. If you know which one you'd like to use, you may select it by clicking on it. If you're not sure, use the Web Page Wizard option. This wizard will step you through a series of questions and create the page(s) to match your answers. Click on the Web Page Wizard option to highlight it and then click the OK button.

  6. The first screen is just an introduction screen telling you what the wizard is going to do. Click the Next button:

  7. Enter a title for your web page and where you would like the page(s) to be stored on your computer. Click the Next button.

  8. Choose the type of navigation you would like for your page and click the Next button

  9. Specify the pages you would like your page to have. The wizard automatically sets up three pages. You may add more or remove any you don't want. Click the Next button

  10. Give the page(s) names and move them around as you like. Click the Next button.

  11. Choose a theme for your web site. A theme will give your site a special background, fonts and bullets. Selecting No visual theme will give your site a white background. If you want to give your site a theme, use the Browse button to preview and select one. Click the Next button.

  12. The wizard is ready to create your site now. Click the Finish button.

A seperate Word document is created for each page you specified. These files reside in the directory you specified in the wizard and are titled with the names you specified. For example, a page you titled "Links" would be named "Links.htm". The "home" page is automatically loaded for you to modify. Using our example above, the home page looks like:

Use the Open option from the file menu to open and modify the other files. Change each page as you would like. Your web site is complete!