Using Microsoft FrontPage to Publish pages

  1. Save your web.

  2. From the File menu at the top, select Publish Web.

  3. A box will pop up asking where to publish your web. Type (ex: and click OK.

    If you are prompted "Would you like FrontPage to create a web at that location?" Click OK.

  4. You will be prompted for your User Id and Password. Please enter them. Note that all the characters should be in lower case, unless your password contains upper case characters. Click OK.

  5. A window will open showing your web files. The files on your local PC will show on the left. The files on the server will show on the right.

    By default, only new or updated files are published. If you would like to refresh all of your files on the web server, click the Options button and go to the Publish tab. Click the radio button labeled All pages, overwriting all pages already on destination and click the OK button.

  6. Click the Publish button. The files will be moved from your personal computer on to the web server. When all files have been moved, a window will appear offering the option to view the publish log file or to view your web site.

Your web pages are now on the IamMEA server!