Using the windows built-in FTP utility to Publish pages

  1. Open a command window
    1. Click on your Start menu
    2. Choose Accessories
    3. Choose Command Prompt

  2. A command window will open. Type ftp and press Enter.

  3. Enter your user id and press Enter. Enter your password and press Enter.

  4. You may now use FTP commands to move your files. If you need help, type ? and press Enter for a list of all commands or ? command (ex: ? put) for a description of a specific command.

    To move your files:
    1. Move to your directory on IamMEA by using the command cd (change directory). Type cd directory (ex: cd tmoreau) and press Enter.
    2. Move to the directory on your pc that contains your web files by using the command lcd (local change directory). Type lcd directory (ex: lcd c:\mynewweb) and press Enter.
    3. If you are moving non-text files such as images, turn on binary transfer mode by typing bin and pressing Enter.
    4. Move your file by typing put filename (ex: put index.htm).

  5. When you have moved all of your files, type quit to close the FTP program.

  6. Type exit to close the command window.
Your web pages are now on the IamMEA server!