Using Easy Upload to Publish pages

  1. Sign in with your user Id on The Home page will display. On the left side of the page is a section titled My Toolbar. Click on the Easy Upload link. The following screen will appear:

  2. Click the Browse button and the Choose File box will open. Find the file you would like to upload, highlight it and click the Open button.

  3. The Choose File window will close and your selected file will appear in the Easy Upload file list. If you would like to upload more than five files, click the Show More Files button to add more boxes on your screen. Clicking the Clear Files button will erase all of your current choices.

    When all of the files you would like to upload have been filled in, click the Upload Files button.

  4. The files from your computer are now copied to the server. A screen will be displayed telling you that the upload has been completed. If you are finished uploading, click the Done button. To continue copying files, click the Upload More Files button.

Your web pages are now on the IamMEA server! You may click the link on the right-hand side of the upper blue bar to review how your web site looks.