AutoCAD Sample Drawings

Here's a selection of samples that I've prepared over the years. They demonstrate layout, layer & color usage, detailing techniques, etc. The files were saved as browser-compatible *.gif and AutoCAD-specific *.sld and *.dwg files.
by Gary JD Gingras, M.Arch.

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Drawing Description (Right click - [Save Target As] - to download)

0124a2-1 Detail of fascia construction *.gif, 34K *.sld, 76K  
0124pv01 Grading plan for asphalt paving *.gif, 33K *.sld, 114K  
0127kit3 Interior elevations of a kitchen *.gif, 25K *.sld, 26K  
0135dt-3 Section thru new construction *.gif, 30K *.sld, 108K  
0138-st1 Site plan for parking approval *.gif, 26K *.sld, 49K  
0140-01 Site plan, and partial plan at garage addition *.gif, 36K *.sld, 90K  
0140-02 West and south elevations *.gif, 20K *.sld, 24K  
0144-02 Partial plan showing new construction *.gif, 29K *.sld, 89K  
0144-03 Elevations and section thru new garage *.gif, 24K *.sld, 71K  
0147-02 Floor plan, window and door schedule, and general notes *.gif, 35K *.sld, 127K  
0147-04 Typical wall section *.gif, 31K *.sld, 90K  
0157fl02 Floor plan *.gif, 47K *.sld, 186K  
0157dt04 Detail floor plan and schedule of areas *.gif, 30K *.sld, 163K  
m&b_desc_big Metes and Bounds Description *.gif, 23K    
music_sub Milford Park Subdivision (revised 01/27/2002) *.gif, 87K   *.dwg, 161K
music_sub_m&b Metes and Bounds Description, Setbacks, and Legend *.gif, 11K    
Copy the following *.dwg drawing files into the Content\Imperial\Design\Furniture\Misc folder
mackie_8bus24 Mackie Designs Inc. 8-bus 24-track Console *.gif, 6.8K   *.dwg, 98.9K
mackie_8bus32 Mackie Designs Inc. 8-bus 32-track Console     *.dwg, 98.4K
music_rack01 music rack, empty *.gif, 6.2K   *.dwg, 159K
music_rack02 music rack, full *.gif, 6.2K   *.dwg, 427K

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